Augmented Reality App Tip Sheet

To view the AR, download the free Daniel Leighton Art + AR app on iTunes and view the image through the app.

On each piece there are one more more interactive elements (except for the “Permission To Enter” show image which has augmentation, but no interactivity):

A Substance Called Understanding:
1. Tap on either of the two figures protruding out of the main bodies to invoke “kissing” animation and the release of thousands of hearts. Tilt your phone while still keeping the painting in within the bounds of your device’s screen and see the hearts spreading out around the room: above, below, to the left and to the right. “long tap” on the same spot and to see their love rise to new heights.
2. Tap on either of the spirals in the head of the main figure on the left to hear the audio.

George: Tap either figure. Like all relationships, sometimes things work out well, sometimes they don’t. Ultimately, they’ll always come back together – as long you tap them.

Just One Moment: Turn up the volume to play the sound. Notice how the figures come out into 3D space. Tap any figure to initiate a different “emotional state” and initiate animation.

Tied Up At The Hospital: tap the floating, yellow figure in the upper right corner to change videos.

Nauseous By The Toilet: tap, the figure next to the toilet

On Trial: tap the moon to invoke tears which will extinguish the fire and the crowd noise. Tap again to reset and start over.

Permission To Enter: this uses animation, sound and video.
1. Once the main figure is knocked over, there will be interaction between the snail and the yellow probe. The snail will then dive down to rescue the main figure. Once this happens, the masks in the lower left area of the painting will become tapable (note that it may take a moment for the animation to finish before the masks are tapable).
2. Once the snail and main figure rise back up a video will begin playing.
3. If you tap on the figures in the lower right hand corner, it will “clear the stage”; all animation elements will move outside of the painting and the video will play.
4. Next if you tap on any of the figures, all animation elements will return to their original positions.

Their Place In The Sky: tap the vertical section of the pod/person figure and watch what happens. To “reload”, tap again in the same place. You can also tap anywhere outside the figure, to induce a fake throw.

Trust the Ground: notice the initial animation, move around the painting to see behind the main figure. Tap on the four-pronged figure in the lower left corner to initiate animation.

Threshold: Tap on the head of the figure on the left (with the head dress). After the figures bow, tap on the head of the figure on the right and then watch the animation play out.

The Space Between Us: Tap on the green humanoid figure and then watch the animation play out. At each point that the figure stops, you can tap on it to start the next animation sequence.