Augmented Reality App

To view the AR, download the free Daniel Leighton Art + AR app on iTunes and view the image through the app.

Augmented Reality (AR), which is viewable via my app, allows me to create another dimension of visual, aural and emotional movement when a viewer interacts with one of my pieces. When viewed through the lens of a tablet or smartphone’s camera, certain pieces will come to life with Augmented Reality.

Each piece (with the exception of the Permission To Enter show image) has at least one interactive element.  Tap around and see if you can find it or view the Augmented Reality tip sheet to get the full rundown.



* If you do not have a print available, view on your screen. Go to the Augmented Reality Paintings and point your device at the screen.

View from the App of "Tied Up At The Hospital" Before & During AR

View from the app of Tied Up At The Hospital before & during AR