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Our First Kickstarter Campaign Goes Live

After wanting to for several years, we finally launched our first crowdfunding campaign via Kickstarter. This one will fund my next solo show, Permission To Enter, which opens on October 17th at LAAA/Gallery 825. We’re two days in and we’re already 25% funded. I recently read a statistic that 79% of the campaigns on Kickstarter that reached the 20% mark so we’re pretty happy with where we are after launching on Sunday afternoon. I’m still anxious, though, and will be until we’re fully funded. Of course, I hope to surpass our $8000 goal. We have some great rewards and I am really happy with how our video turned out, so I think we have a great chance to get some extra excitement around what we are doing.

The rewards include, digital downloads, fine art prints, augmented reality t-shirts, the ability to add your name into the AR.

I’d love your support. Please consider becoming a backer and spreading the word.

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