AR App Demo

Augmented Reality (AR), which is viewable via my app, allows me to create another dimension of visual, aural and emotional movement when a viewer interacts with one of my pieces. When viewed through the lens of a tablet or smartphone’s camera, certain pieces will come to life with Augmented Reality.

Below is a video demo of two of pieces I am submitting for the Groundswell exhibit – Just One Moment and Nauseous By The Toilet.

*App can be downloaded for free from the app store to iPhones and iPads

*When I exhibit, I also supply up to 5 iPhones/iPads pre-loaded with my app so that gallery visitors don’t have to wait to download it.

AR-Demo-JOM-Nauseous from Daniel Leighton on Vimeo.

To view the AR, download the free Daniel Leighton Art + AR app on iTunes and view the image through the app.

* If you do not have a print available, view on your screen. Go to the Augmented Reality Paintings and point your device at the screen. There are also a couple of sample images that you can print, below.

View from the App of "Tied Up At The Hospital" Before & During AR

Above: View from the app of Tied Up At The Hospital before & during AR

If you wish to see more, here is video demo of some of my other Augmented Reality pieces: