“Tied Up At The Hospital” Fine Art Print with Augmented Reality


A living, interactive, museum-quality work of art.

Did you ever have an experience where you felt helpless and detached from your emotions in order to survive?
What was the precursor to this moment and what will be the expression and how do you find your feelings again and reconnect?
Who are you with out the past? Who are you without the search? who are you without the reconnection?


A Living Work of Art

This is a living work of art. It grows with you, it makes you feel things, think things and see things from a different perspective. The Augmented Reality (AR) features described below can grow over time, as well.


It is interactive. It interacts with your mind and your emotions as it does with those of your guests. You and your guests can interact with it via the Daniel Leighton Art + AR app to experience Augmented Reality (AR).

What Is Augmented Reality (AR)?
Daniel adds AR to create an interactive experience for viewers to further immerse themselves in his work. When the viewer opens Daniel’s app and aims it at On Trial, additional elements play on the surface of the painting and in and around the frame. These elements, which include animation and sound, create another dimension of visual, aural and emotional movement.

About This Print

This print features the highest quality archival inks with extraordinary range. It is printed on a special museum archival paper which adds luminosity and vibrance. It is then mounted on brushed aluminum and covered with archival laminate which further protects it. The combination of laminate and c-print create an otherworldly quality that looks almost like liquid glass.

Signed, Limited Edition

Each print is individually signed and numbered by Daniel Leighton. There shall be only 40 fine art prints of this piece. We have 5 sizes listed but not all sizes have been editioned. The actual sizes will depend on the collector’s preferences. Sizes can go at least as high as 64” x 48”, in some cases they can go higher. Please contact us if you are interested in a size that has not been listed and we will let you know if it’s available.


Shipping will be billed separately once we determine delivery arrangements.


Augmented Reality Demo

Additional information

Dimensions N/A

18" x 24", 24" x 33"

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