The Patient-Artist Experience @ Misericordia University

"Faces and Traces" by Artist Daniel Leighton

“Faces and Traces” by Artist Daniel Leighton

Duration: Academic year Fall 2019-Spring 2020

Exhibition period: 8/26/2019  to 5/31/2020

Location: Misericordia University, Trocaire Building lobby and other public spaces. Available for view during building normal operating hours (~8am-~8pm)

Co-curated with California-based artist and patient advocate Ted Meyer, this exhibit features artists whose work stems from their experiences as patients. These paintings, prints, and photographs will be on display in the lobby and public areas of the Trocaire Building for the 2019-2020 academic year.


To infuse the creative arts into the daily experience of students in the College of Health Sciences and Education through exhibition and curriculum integration. To provide creative artists with health challenges or disabilities with opportunities to present their work to new audiences as both art objects and autobiographical artistic narratives. 

Underlying themes

  • How health issues and limitations propel creativity and artistic pursuit
  • How healthcare professionals can broaden their ideas of who their patients and patient caregivers are by encouraging creativity and personal expression


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